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Beyond the Log

I have made a visibly small, yet important change on this webpage: the link titled posts is now called content. And the simple reason is that I am not only posting posts.

One of the good things of a DIY page is that I am free from the design constrains of a blogging platform or a CMS, that must be made generic and easy to understand for any potential user. Though, funny as it might sound, most blogs aren't blogs and here's why. A blog is a portmanteu of web + log. Essentially, on the early days of the web, before the era of the Social Network, you browsed the web, found interesting links, read them and them shared your experience on your "web log" by inverse chronological order. These days, most blogs are more akin to a magazine, or even a book, a collection of articles where the dates in which they were written is not essential. Even, you could even say that most 'web logs' use the web as just a tool, --albeit an important one-- not focusing on that but on gaming, politics, food or science for that matter.

Serenicode could be called a blog, and I suppose I will call it that way when I have to explain what it is in a hurry, but it's in fact, something else: a place where I share everything I have to say, not just posts. I am not stamping my content with a publication date, unless I find that to be relevant; most often it isn't. Neither, I will focus of on my web-browsing. On the positive side, I will update the content that needs to be updated, edit what's wrong, and delete what is no longer relevant or useful. That's all, for now.