Oliver Twist, edited for the web

This is a short, —inasmuch as it will provide no benefit to the reader if I were to make it long—, to announce that I have wrapped that item of literary immortality, Oliver Twist, in HTML5 and CSS3.

Now, that long novel, looks, to me, if not to anybody else, readable enough to be enjoyable to read on the screen. Don't take me wrong, I'd still prefer to browse through the pages of a good sized, old-fashioned book, but I believe I have a functional, warm design that respects the character of a classic novel. The font is large enough, text has been left justified and there is ample of white space. Furthermore, the Table of Contents, displayed on two columns on larger displays, thanks to flexbox, provides for an easy navigation.

My edition of Oliver Twist is available on its own page. The code, if you are thinking in doing something of that sort, is on github.