Welcome to Serenicode

Make yourself at home, there is no rush. This is a very personal, handmade blog on code, creative fun and the occasional bit of wisdom. So it says on the tin.

Very Personal

This is, above all, the personal blog of yours truly, Miguel de Luis, and I reserve the right to share about everything and anything that ever crosses my mind and feel inclined to share. However, there are a few things I will share more often than others.

Handmade Blog

By that I mean I am not using any awesome CMS; instead I am restraining myself to static content, through HTML5 and Sass — the later generating CSS. Yes, I am aware that github pages allows Jekyll, but I am not using that either. Yes, I know that would be more efficient and maintainable, but that's not the point. On this blog, I am going back to basics, experimenting and feeling the real issues that CMS were made to address. Oh, yes, and it is fun.

I know it's only code, but I like it, like it, yeah I do

I reckon I am a semi-decent frontend developer, constantly learning to be even better. I can and do code on HTML5, CSS3, Sass, Javascript, and, if I really need to, PHP which gets the job done, but it's ugly as sin. For my scripting and backend needs I use Python 3.0; oh and I'm getting to terms with Haskell, which I love.

Creative Fun

I think fun can be deep, meaningful, and it's the more fun the deeper meaning it has. I reckon kids have more fun because fun carries more meaning to them, like they are rehearsing life, or exploring the world. To me, creative fun includes literature, both writing and reading, coding, gamebooks, solo role-playing, solo wargaming and riding on my bicycle. You will see me posting on those.

The occasional bit of Wisdom

I just said that fun is more fun the deeper meaning it has; but sometimes you need to be straight and just say what you mean about the meaning of life. I am a Christian who can listen and a minimalist who doesn't compete on being less than anybody else