If the ship's siking, save your people

PubStorm promised to be the place for static sites. These are great when you expect to show the same content to ever user, as it is often the case in bogs, fiction and landing pages. They are faster and as easy to maintain as dynamic sites, all you need is a generator or regex. It also means that you don't need a backend developer.

Back to PubStorm, it collapsed, offering a way to migrate but locking me from updating the content in the meanwhile. I am happy my sites were hobby projects because I have not been able to tell the visitors what was going on, except by posting on Facebook.

Boy, was I a little upset with that. And I chose my own way to migrate: Github. All it took was to modify the internal links, using regex, and my IDE of choice, and create a repository.

Bottom line: If you want to retain clients for a future project warn them well in advance that you are closing. Do that even for the non paying users or else you risk not seeing them again.